Welcome to Green Cab’s website, an eco-friendly taxicab service. We provide cheap alternative public passenger transportation to all of Madison, Dane County and beyond. Green Cab will ALWAYS provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...

We offer two types of transportation service. Shared Ride is when the rider might share their ride with another ride. Our second service is Direct Ride Express. This is when the rider is guaranteed a straight ride without any other passengers getting in the cab with them. We are happy to offer both options!

Types of rides we offer: on-demand (just call us when you're ready), pre-scheduled (time calls), regularly recurring, round trips and multiple part trips. We are happy to take you to work, school, the restaurant, the airport, anywhere! Green Cab offers parcel delivery, at the same low rates that passengers pay. We're committed to fulfilling all your transportation needs.

Taxi App available to book your ride on Android and iPhone. You may also book from our website or call us. Someone will be available to take your order 24/7/365!

Airport Service- Green Cab will get you to the airport on time. Call ahead to set up a time call, so that you're at the airport for your departure in plenty of time. For your return trip just let us know when you're arriving and we'll set up a time to meet you. Don't just jump in whatever cab is first in line. As a green consumer, make the green choice- call Green Cab.

At Green Cab, we have brand new Toyota Priuses and Prius V's.  All are equipped with bicycle racks.  We offer cheap fares due to the significantly increased gas mileage with our hybrid taxicabs. Green Cab is also excited about engaging consumers in the "going green" initiative.  We are locally owned and operated.

Business Accounts-Green Cab offers billing and online services for our business partners. To open a Business Account with Green Cab today, go to our Business Account section on our web site and learn how your business can benefit with Green Cab today. 

Click here for information on our NEW E-CAB! Advertising and driving opportunities!

Think Green. Ride Green. Save Green. TM